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Our Knowledge Network includes people with direct industry experience or in-depth sectoral knowledge, thus having the subject-matter expertise to engage with our Clients for delivery of services like One-on-One Expert Consultations, Experts Research Surveys or Projects. When we receive a request from a Client, we match it with the knowledge & skill-set of the Experts in our network and subsequently work with the Client & the identified Expert/s to ensure that the request is delivered as agreed.
Apply your Knowledge

Being part of the Knowledge Network & working with our Clients lets you apply your subject-matter expertise in various ways to live projects & real-life situations. You therefore have the opportunity to make meaningful & valuable contributions which directly impact Clients’ work.

Get Rewarded Financially


You get attractively paid for the time that you spend on the delivery of Client requests – based on your experience, subject-matter expertise and the industry standards. You can propose your hourly Billing Rate for delivery of the requests.

Gain Experience & Grow your Reputation


Joining the network helps you gain experience – you get to directly hear from the Clients on questions & problems that matter for your industry/sector/work-area, practice your expertise & grow your reputation.

Flexibility to Choose your Assignments


You have the flexibility to opt-in for short engagements [One-on-One Expert Consultation, Experts Research Surveys] or medium to long-term projects [part-time and flexible work arrangements]. You can assess Client requirements upfront before deciding to participate. Many of our Experts partake in the short engagements while continuing to work on full-time positions in their current organizations.



We have strict agreements with our Clients, which ensure that your name or any personal details are not disclosed or quoted by the Clients without prior permission & consent. Additionally, you are not expected to discuss any information that directly pertains to your current employer.

Referral Program


We are always on the lookout for people who have specialized knowledge and subject-matter expertise. You can introduce other Experts to our network and will be entitled to an exciting referral fee for a 1-year period.

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