You can sign-up as an Expert and be a part of our Knowledge Network. Here’s how:


Join Our Network

Visit our Sign-up as an Expert page & complete the form, indicating the services you would be interested in providing.


Service Request Assessment

We receive service requests from our Clients, and match these requests with the knowledge & skill-set of the Experts in our network. Depending upon the requests we receive and your profile’s suitability for the same, we shall reach out to you with proposal/s to participate in these services. You can assess the request upfront and confirm your availability, post which we shall share your profile with the Client.


Confirmation of Participation

Once your profile is selected by the Client, we shall confirm your participation. Most of the short-term engagements happen over Phone/Email, while few may involve In-person meeting. Other services are delivered via discussed & agreed-upon channels as per the requirement (email, at venue etc.).


Delivery of Request

Our team shall connect with you on the modalities of the participation & preparation required, if any. It shall also work closely with you & the Client to ensure that the request is delivered as agreed.


Summary & Payment

Once the request is delivered, we shall share with you a summary, including details of the payment you will receive. The payment shall be made in your bank account as per the terms & conditions outlined in the Expert Services Agreement.


Get More Consultation Requests

Increase your chances of getting more requests from our Clients. Here’s how:

Referral Program

Get paid for introducing new Experts to us! We work with Clients across all key industries & sectors, as well as across geographies, and are therefore on the lookout for new Experts to grow our Knowledge Network. You can therefore refer your peers, colleagues or connections to us and in turn receive an exciting referral fee for every service they deliver in the 1-year period post signing-up as an Expert. You can refer to the Expert Services Agreement for more details. It’s quick, easy and rewarding.

Specify Services You Wish to Offer

Clearly specify the services you wish to be considered for when signing up as an Expert. In case you wish to amend change your choice, you can get in touch with us.

Up-to-date Profile

Keep your profile up-to-date and inform us of job changes, role enhancements, awards, trainings & certifications.

Speedy Response

Response time is of the essence as most of the requests from Clients come with strict delivery timelines. Ensure that you reply quickly to queries from our team.

Refer a peer, colleague or connection to our team.
We inform you once your reference is signed-up as an Expert on our network.
Receive payment for every service delivered by your referred Expert in the 1-year period post signing-up.
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